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Doggy Daycare and Spa

We first came to the Lansing location of Doggy Daycare and Spa in June 2008 as we found/rescued our very first doggy girl  “Missy Nim” a darling white with black spots,  2 year old Jack Russell terrier mix!

We had never been dog owners before and she literally fell into our laps the late winter of that year as I was driving on Hulett rd. Okemos and turned the corner to see her sitting in the middle of the road all alone, as it was sleeting at dusk… After inquiring of all the neighbors and lost animals associations, after a week – she was “ours!!”  We named her “Missy” and began our journey with our happy girl!

As the beginning of summer grew closer, we realized that we needed to inquire about boarding Missy by June as we had travel plans to go out west.  I had no idea where to look and I came across Doggy Daycare and Spa in Lansing and called. I spoke directly with the owner and met with her  -I couldn’t have been treated any sweeter in helping to reassure me that our new girl would be in great hands, lovingly looked after, and she would make new doggy friends, having a wonderful stay!!! 

Missy indeed had a wonderful time and making friends with even the big dogs whom she enjoyed!!  (Although, I was a bundle of nerves the whole time).

I look back and always remember how much it meant to me that she had that happy experience at Doggy Daycare and Spa!  We had to say “Goodbye” to our girl in the Fall 2021, at 15 1/2 years old…. I’m grateful that she was able to have that experience.

After some time, of healing our hearts, we adopted a new little rescue Rat Terrier puppy, naming her “Lovey!”

During her wonderful puppy training classes,  I felt like she would benefit from experiencing a new doggy environment, and by making new dog friends too,  plus upcoming travels.  Without hesitation, only one place came to mind – Doggy Daycare and Spa!!

I am very impressed & happy to say that Lovey has been in daycare for almost a year.   She loves it there and all her doggy “friends” and all her “people friends” too!! 

Thank you so much for creating a happy, safe, loving environment for our doggy & peace of mind for us as dog parents!!!  

With much appreciation,

The Nim Family