Grooming At The Spa

Doggy Daycare and Spa offers a full line of Grooming Services. Your customized experience begins the moment you enter our cheerful reception area and are greeted with a smile.

We encourage you to speak with your dog’s Spa Specialist personally so you can communicate your expectations and any special requirements your dog may have. We then begin to create a positive experience for your dog by focusing solely on him or her. Their bath and conditioning treatment is tailored to meet their specific skin and coat needs. We check and clean their ears. We blow dry your pet by hand allowing us to remove stubborn undercoat and examine their body for anything unusual. We never, ever use cage dryers.

If your dog requires trim-work or a haircut, we use patient practices to help make the experience as positive as possible. Many dogs are nervous around clippers, especially their first time. We do our very best to help them get used to all the feelings and sounds so that grooming can become an enjoyable part of their life rather than a stressful one. We also trim their nails and brush their coat for a shiny finish.

Everyone leaves with a bandana or a bow… at no extra charge. It is always our goal to exceed your expectations and have you both leave smiling. To learn more about how to schedule your dog’s visit to the Spa, please contact us at (517) 333-WOOF (9663).

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Spa Pricing

Spa Prices vary and are based on the following:

  • Breed and Size
  • Coat Type and Condition
  • Behavior and Temperament

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (517) 333-9663(WOOF)