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Doggy Daycare and Spa

Doggy Daycare is the highlight of our dogs’ week.  They are so excited when I bring out the leashes to take them to the car.  They know where they are going!

Our previous daycare closed and we were put in the overwhelming task of finding another safe play space for our dogs.  We interviewed everyone in town.  We like the culture of Doggy Daycare and Spa and the staff.  We feel our animals are well taken care of.

So Riley and Jenny feel at home there, but there are the humans to consider too.  Drop off and pick-up is quick and easy.  When we’ve had health challenges, staff have gone out of their way to support us.  They’ve made the trip from the office to the car so didn’t need to get out when I was in a cast.  And in one emergency, even brought the dogs home for us.  Bottom line – the staff is like family in their care for our dogs and their humans.

-The Ketchums