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Doggy Daycare and Spa

“I rescued my Giant Schnauzer Poodle mix when he was 7 months old. He spent those first months outdoors on a farm in the middle of Tennessee with zero human contact, only his litter mates. He is extremely shy and is afraid of everyone. I took him to a couple of dog parks when I first brought him home. I noticed how he would run to dogs that weren’t around their owners, but would hide and shake if a human came close. After 3 years of trying to socialize him – dog parks, kids ballgames, school, long walks – nothing was working. Doggy Daycare and Spa in Okemos had just opened up, I thought about how much Jagger likes to run with other dogs, but I wasn’t sure he would handle the human contact. I took him in for his “interview” and I couldn’t even get him in the front door. There were people on the other side of that door and they were terrifying. I put him back in the car and went in without him. The staff kindly left the waiting area so I could walk him through the door. He was shaking so hard when he first walked in. They asked me to leave him for an hour to see how he interacted with the dogs. I started bringing Jagger to “school” one day a week. The first couple of times it was a struggle to get him out of my car and into that small waiting area. Now, he knows when it’s a “school day” and he runs to the door. I had asked the staff to please give him as much human contact as possible. I’m sure it was a challenge for them. Jagger is so much happier and is more outgoing now that he has regularly attended Doggy Daycare. I would highly recommend this place for any dog owner that wants their dog to have fun and be socialized with others. Dropping off in the morning is so quick, you’re in-and-out in a minute. The staff is always friendly and accommodating to our changing schedules.” – Jagger’s Family