Farrah Linn

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Doggy Daycare and Spa

“I really love going to Doggy Daycare and Spa. The people there are so nice and I get to socialize and play with all my friends. I am a smart girl with a lot of energy, and Daycare gives me the exercise outlet I need as well as mental stimulation to engage my brain. My owner rescued me when I was only a 1 year old. I didn’t know much about life back then and I was timid and shy. Doggy Daycare gave me the confidence I needed to get the most out of life. It helped me grow up to become a well-adjusted, happy dog. Sometimes I even get a bath while I am at Daycare. I must admit I am not so crazy about that part, but my owner always tells me how pretty I look after being groomed. Doggy Daycare and Spa is a great place to hang out. I highly recommend it for any dog who wants to have lots of fun and make new friends.” – translated by Farrah’s Mom