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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Yahtzy Luna Payne is a 6 year old Lab/Catahoula Mix who has been attending Doggy Daycare and Spa since she was just over 3 years old. She attends daycare on a weekly basis and boards overnight with her pals on occasion. She also enjoys her monthly visits into the grooming salon to get spruced up.
  • When Yahtzy was adopted, her name was Yasmin. Her new owners Bill and Jackie thought that name was too fruity for such a big dog. Bill loved to play the game Yahtzee as a teenager, so they named her that and changed the spelling a bit. She has a white patch on her chest in the shape of a Luna Moth, which is how she got her middle name. Bill and Jackie found Yahtzy on after almost a year of searching. They saw a profile of Yahtzy posted by a rescue service called Fur 2 Feathers. Bill and Jackie drove to Fruit Port where Yahtzy was being fostered by a family and brought her home!
  • Yahtzy started coming to DDS because her owners heard about the daycare from their former neighbors who used to bring their dog, Sidney. When Yahtzy got to her forever home, Bill and Jackie realized that Yahtzy needed more exercise and play time with other dogs than what they could provide.
  • A few of Yahtzy’s favorite past times include sleeping, napping in front of the fire, chasing squirrels out of the yard, going to the Spa and taking long trail walks at Woldumar or Fenner Nature Center (or anywhere outdoors as long as somebody is with her). She does not enjoy being outside by herself. She also does not play with toys. She will fetch a ball once or twice but then will ignore it if thrown again.
  • Yahtzy’s one trick is running a log. If she passes a fallen log on her walk and somebody pats the log and says, “Yahtzy! Run this log!” she will jump up on the log, run the length, turn and run back. If there are two people, one at each end of the log, she will run back a forth many times.
  • The most exotic place Yahtzy has visited would be the Upper Peninsula. She loved it! Lots of great hikes on new trails and all kinds of smells to sniff.
  • Yahtzy doesn’t like to play fetch. One time a neighbor girl, who in the past has tried to get Yahtzy to play fetch, came over and wanted to help Jackie with some gardening. When the child had her back turned, Yahtzy got up and very quietly, very stealthily, picked up a ball in her yard, took it in the house and dropped it under a chair. Then went back outside and laid down in exactly the same place she had been a moment before as if she had never moved.
  • Yahtzy expects to get a biscuit if she goes outside, even for a moment, and comes back in. Sometimes she demands a biscuit if somebody else goes outside and then comes back in. She raises her nose and does a “Rooo- rooo- roooo!” which clearly means “Gimmie a biscuit!”
  • This year’s Thanksgiving plans haven’t been finalized yet but whatever does happen, there will be great food and Yahtzy will be happy to pre-wash the dishes after dinner!