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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Trooper Sheehan is a 2 year old Lab who has been coming to daycare since he was just 7 months old! His owner’s previous dog, Jake went to Doggy Daycare and Spa from 2004-2013. Trooper’s owners loved daycare so much for Jake that they couldn’t wait for Trooper to be old enough to come! His full name is Amber Sky Sooper Trooper.
  • The Sheehan family has had Trooper since September 25, 2014. After Jake passed away, the house was so empty. The Sheehan’s did some research and came up with a list of different breeders so when they were ready for a new dog they had an idea of who they would like to talk to. Trooper’s breeder was at the top of their list! Once it was time to pick out their puppy, the Sheehan’s had selected another pup based on online pictures. However, that puppy didn’t want anything to do with them. Trooper was the complete opposite and came running up to them, knocking his litter mates out of the way. They knew he was the one right away!
  • A few of Trooper’s favorite past times include playing ball, eating sticks, swimming, getting ice cream, and sleeping
  • Trooper loves to destroy toys, so they don’t last long at his house. He does enjoy tennis balls and has them all over the yard for him to play with whenever he would like. The minuet he goes outside, he grabs a ball and its go time!
  • Trooper can shake and “show his belly” which means roll over so his belly can be rubbed.
  • Trooper loves to play with his cousin Champ who also comes to Doggy Daycare and Spa. They enjoy hanging out and Trooper likes to bite Champs ears whenever given the opportunity. In the Sheehan’s neighborhood, Trooper will run laps around the house with his friend Barley (a Rottweiler) who together try to get Boomer and Birdie (2 yellow labs) to play with them.
  • The Sheehan’s enjoy camping during the summer months so Trooper makes the trip with them. They have gone around the state to places including Mackinac City, Pentwater, Petoskey, and Traverse City. Pentwater is Trooper’s favorite place because of the dog beach at the State Park!
  • When Trooper was being brought home to his new forever home, he cried the entire way and tried to eat the glass window in the car. It was the worst ride ever! Once the Sheehan’s got home and reviewed his paperwork from the breeder, they found out that he liked classical music and that would soothe him.
  • A unique characteristic about Trooper is that when you talk to him, he likes to grunt back at you!
  • At 5 months old, Trooper stayed with his human aunt & uncle for a week while his family went on a cruise. They missed Trooper so much and couldn’t wait to pick him up! But when they arrived to get him, he stood on the porch barking and growling at them!