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  • Ryke Gerlach is a 3 year old Flat Coated Retriever who was adopted on January 2nd, 2015 from a shelter in Metro Detroit. When her soon-to-be “Parents” saw her, they knew she would be the perfect addition to their family.
  • Ryke has a lot of black and brown hair. It’s thick and fluffy! When she was a puppy her family joked that they had a little pet bear. Her parents called her Bear and Little Bear so often that she responds to those names just as much as she responds to Ryke!
  • Her parents decided to enroll Ryke into daycare because her dog aunt, Sidney, had a great experience at Doggy Day Care for many years and her parents wanted to give Ryke the same experience. Ryke became a weekly regular at the Okemos location in August 2015.
  • Many of Ryke’s favorite past times include anything with a ball! Ryke loves to play fetch! She has a large yard and her parents enjoy using a Chuck-It! to throw the ball really far. She loves to race after the ball again and again!
  • You may have guessed, but Ryke’s favorite toy is a ball! Her ball or anyone else’s ball. She is equally torn between wanting to fetch it or to play tug with it.
  • Ryke is super smart and knows lots of commands like sit, down, place, fetch, and crate. However, she can also make food disappear off the dining room table! Silly Ryke!
  • When Ryke’s human brother, Griffin, was an infant Ryke used to bring him all of her toys. At first, Griffin would cry but over time he grew to appreciate the gesture, shoving chew bones and dirt covered tennis balls into his face. Nowadays, Griffin returns the favor!
  • Ryke is 65 pounds of lapdog. She loves being on top of her parents at the end of a long day. Her parents are expecting their second child and they have noticed that during pregnancies, Ryke becomes particularly fond of laying on her mom’s lap. She’s a protective dog and her parents believe that she already senses her new family responsibility that is on the way!
  • This winter Ryke is looking forward to getting to play out in the snow. She enjoys being outside more during the winter months than in the summer, especially when there is a blizzard outside!