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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Ruby Kemsley is a 1 ½ year old English Golden Retriever who was added to the family in December 2016 when she was 8 weeks old.
  • Her name is just Ruby, but known as “Ruby K.” at Doggy Day Care. She was the red collar puppy in her litter and she was joining the family right before Christmas, so those two things led her parents to her name.
  • Ruby was a very rambunctious puppy. There were days when her parents wondered if they would survive her puppyhood! She would lunge at her parents, bite on to their shirts and sweaters, and just hang on and not let go. However, Ruby has grown out of this behavior!
  • Ruby’s parents’ decided to enroll her at Doggy Day Care because she has tons of energy and loves interacting with other dogs. Doggy Day Care was exactly what they all needed! Ruby became a weekly regular at the Okemos location in March 2017.
  • Ruby loves playing with her neighborhood dog buddies, taking off leash walks in the woods, chasing anything that moves (tennis balls, birds, squirrels, and even her kitty sibling), and she is also very fond of breakfast and dinner.
  • Her favorite toy is her soft, fleece covered, bone shaped stuffed toy. Her parents call it her “baby”. She carries it all over the house and even sleeps with it.
  • Ruby can sit, shake, stay (most of the time), come (if there are treats available, silly Ruby!) and goes into her crate easily on the weekdays that she doesn’t go to Doggy Day Care.
  • Ruby has two golden friends, Finn and Moose, which she sees regularly. Her and her parents join them and their owners for long walks in the woods, which Ruby just LOVES! Ruby is also good friends with, Tao, another golden who also comes to Doggy Day Care! Tao is her backyard neighbor and her parents have a door in the fence that her parents will open so Ruby and Tao can run around together!
  • Just recently, Ruby discovered that even when the gate is closed, she can still get to Tao if she just digs long enough under the fence when no one is looking! Thankfully Tao has very understanding, dog-friendly parents!
  • Ruby is looking forward to SWIMMING! The sooner the better is what Ruby would say. Also, getting more walks and time in the woods now that the days are starting to get longer.