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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Riley Rospond is a 4 year old English Setter who has been attending Doggy Daycare and Spa since May 2015. The Rospond family adopted Riley from a home with 12 other dogs so daycare for Riley was a must since he would be the only dog at home. He needed some friends to play with!
  • Riley was adopted in 2013 when he was just over a year old. He was from a show dog/breeder family that kept 2 from a liter. That family ended up liking the other dog more so the Rospond family was lucky enough to then get Riley.
  • A few of Riley’s favorite past times include looking out the window at the birds, taking long walks, and going to the pond and hopefully finding some ducks to watch.
  • Riley has a favorite stuffed animal Lamby. He carries it around with him everywhere!
  • Riley enjoys being a couch potato and a bed hog but will also sit and go down on command if asked to.
  • Going up north is a place that Riley always looks forward to. His human grandparents have a place just outside of Mackinac City! He likes to sit out on the bluff and admire the water and of course chase chipmunks.
  • When Riley was first adopted he was a runner! Every night he would go out in the fields and chase deer, even in the winter. One afternoon he took off but instead of going to the fields he went in the opposite direction. His owners didn’t know this and were searching in the fields for him. Meanwhile, Riley ran across a busy road and right onto Looking Glass River and broke right through the ice. Several cars stopped but no one would go out and help the drowning dog. Finally, someone called the fire department at the same time a pedestrian went in a rescued him. The fire department took Riley (his tags had fallen off in the ice) so they didn’t know who he belonged to. The person who rescued him posted a picture on Facebook with the story. Around the same time, after several hours of searching for Riley, the Rospond family also posted a lost dog post on Facebook. A mutual friend of the family who lives in Florida contacted the family and notified them about Riley being at the fire station. Riley was very happy to be safe, warm and curled up in blankets. He even had a new name, Mickey. Riley visits the station every once in a while just to say hello.
  • This spring Riley is looking forward to his human sibling, Amanda coming home from college!