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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Pickles Armstrong is a 1-and-a-half old puggle who was adopted from the shelter in 2015. When her soon-to-be family heard her story and saw her picture online, they knew she would be the perfect fit for them.
  • Pickles was named by her human brother, Caulton. Her full name is Pickles ‘I love You’ Armstrong! She does have a couple nicknames, such as “Pickle Pie” and “Pixie”.
  • Because of Pickles’s love for other dogs, her family thought it would be a good idea to give Doggy Daycare a try. This way she gets to play and socialize with other dogs all day long! Pickles became a weekly regular at the Okemos location in September 2015.
  • Many of Pickles’s favorite pastimes include going on walks through the woods, chasing Frisbee discs, snuggling and lastly, riding in the car to go to her 3 favorite places: Good Dog! Training, Four Paws Dog Bakery and of course Doggy Daycare.
  • Pickles has a few tricks up her sleeve! She can shake, give high 5’s and even rebound for Caulton when he is playing basketball.
  • Since Pickles is very good at destroying toys, it’s hard for her to have a favorite. However right now, her favorite is a stuffed shark that she picked out at Four Paws Bakery! Instead of tearing it up, she will just carry it around the house for everyone to see.
  • Pickles only has 1 human brother, Caulton, who is also her best friend! They wrestle, play and cuddle together all the time. Pickles is always wanting to know where Caulton is at. They even both dressed up as bees for Halloween and went trick-or-treating together!
  • A couple of unique qualities about Pickles is that she can howl in way that sounds like she is singing! She also has an underbite that gives her a very toothy smile.
  • Pickles has not visited too many places yet, but she has already lived in Alabama, Indiana and Michigan!
  • Pickles is looking forward to the summer because that means Caulton and Mom will be at home every day! She will also be going on her first trip to Lake Michigan to play in the lake and eat ice cream!