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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Phoebe Silverman is an Australian Cattle Dog who was adopted about 2 ½ years ago when her parents decided to “go look” at a pet adoption event. After taking her to a play area, her soon-to-be “Parents” knew she was a cool pup and had to be part of the family!
  • On the same day that her soon-to-be “Parents” were looking at Phoebe, they were also looking at a kitten. They ended up adopting both, Phoebe and the kitten. The kitten who was later named Joey, became Phoebe’s best friend.
  • Phoebe’s “Parents” started throwing out names into the air and Phoebe just seemed to stick. Phoebe has a brother Joey, the cat who was adopted at the same time and also a goldfish brother name Chandler. They have a Friends theme going. Their next pet will be a Ross, Monica or Rachel!
  • Phoebe loves to cuddle at night and will lay next to Joey during quiet times.
  • Phoebe is a very high energy, smart dog, so Doggy Day Care seemed like just the place for her to hang out and socialize with some friends. Phoebe became a weekly regular at the Okemos location in July 2015.
  • Phoebe loves daycare days! On Tuesdays and Thursdays (her Daycare days), she eats breakfast and then waits by the door. All the other days, after breakfast she goes right back to bed!
  • Many of Phoebe’s favorite past times include anything with being outside and playing fetch. She likes to take walks through the trails, especially when she’s off her leash.
  • Phoebe is super smart and knows lots of commands like sit, lay down, high 5 and even stopping before crossing the street.
  • Phoebe has been on a few vacations, such as the dog beach in Muskegon – which did not go very well! Phoebe got taken out by a big wave which resulted in her not being a fan of swimming.
    Once, when Phoebe’s parents came home from a movie, Phoebe had chewed up a pillow full of feathers. The whole room looked like it had snowed! Upon questioning Phoebe would not look her parent’s in the eye!