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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Molly is a 6 year old Border Collie Mix who loves coming to Doggy Daycare and Spa every Thursday! She has been attending daycare since she was just over a year old.
  • Molly became a member of the Gietzen family via a Milwaukee, Wisconsin Humane Society from their son 4 years ago who was living there at the time. A new job prevented him from keeping her so his parents took sweet Molly into their home.
  • Daycare became a must right away! When the Gietzen family brought Molly home, she was a puppy and full of energy. Family obligations take the Gietzen’s to Grand Rapids every Thursday so it became the perfect day for Molly to get out of the house and hang out with her friends while her owners were away.
  • A favorite pastime for Molly is running over to the golf course across the street every morning and greeting all the walkers who are golfing. Lots of people know her and enjoy the daily visits.
  • Molly’s absolute favorite toy is her “Chuck It.” She plays with it every day on her runs.
  • Molly is very athletic! She leaps really high when catching her ball and she loves to run.
  • Some neighborhood friends include Sadie, a Daisy dog, Decklyn, a boxer, and Jack, a black lab. They all enjoy taking walks together.
  • When Molly was first brought home to the Gietzen family house, her owners left her inside while they went outside to do some yard work. When they came back inside, they found all the couch cushions and drapes chewed up… From then on Molly always joined the family outside! Thankfully, she has now grown out of this.
  • In the neighborhood there are several young children that are around and Molly’s instincts kick in as a Border Collie and she begins to herd them. She is always poking her nose into them to move them around.
  • Summer time is not Molly’s favorite season. Thunderstorms and fireworks are not her friends. She would much rather prefer the winter months and playing in the snow.