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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Zimmy, a dachshund mix, and Max, a beagle/hound mix, are canine brothers who are very loved and spoiled by their human parents.
  • Zimmy was adopted from the Capital Area Humane Society to be his late sister Camille’s “little brother.” At CAHS, Zimmy had some medical issues which caused him to be overlooked by many adopters. As soon as his Dad held Zimmy in his arms, they both new he had found his furever home.
  • Max was adopted from New Hope Rescue shortly after Camille passed away. Zimmy was just lost without his canine sibling. Max’s photo appeared online on the NHPR website his eyes got his parents right away. They were told that Max was likely a dachshund mix, but they were way off the mark. Even though he is more than double the size, Max is and will always be Zimmy’s “little brother.”
  • Both Zimmy and Max have been attending Doggy Daycare and Spa for years… Zimmy since March of 2016 and Max since June 2019. Both tell their human parents that they love to play with all their friends and to get tons of attention from their pals that work there. The boys’ “Mom and Dad” benefit by knowing their fur babies are being well cared for, whether it’s Monday daycare or a weekend stay. Doggy Daycare and Spa is a trusted resource for them. And it allows their Dad, especially, to get his office work done on Mondays!
  • When Zimmy and Max aren’t hanging out with the other hip hounds at Doggy Daycare and Spa, they like to spend their time in their back yard “talking” to everyone passing by. They also take squirrel and rabbit patrol very seriously. Weekends spent camping and leisurely walks also round out their list of favorite ways to spend their time.
  • Most dogs have a favorite toy, and these boys are no exception. Zimmy is NEVER without his tennis ball. It is his absolute favorite. He likes to fetch it about 350,000 times per day. Max likes his animal shaped chew toys and especially his suede squeaky snake.
  • As far as tricks go, their list of their talents include:
    1. Eat Snacks
    2. Eat Snacks
    3. Sleep
    4. Fetch Balls/Toys
  • We think that’s a pretty comprehensive list!
  • Although not formally diagnosed, the boys’ parents are pretty sure Zimmy is OCD and Max is ADD. Zimmy expects you to throw the ball all day, every day (as mentioned earlier, 350,000 times per day). Max on the other hand has an attention span of about 8 seconds… and then he’s off to the next thing.
  • If Zimmy and Max could talk, they would certainly advise us to:
    • “Hug your puppies every day!” – Zimmy
    • “Don’t ever run out of snaccers!” – Max
    • “Stop and smell the roses so we can do a #2!”
    • And they made their parents promise to never get a cat!