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  • Zander McKee is a 2 year old German shepherd who was from a breeder in Trufant, Michigan. Her soon-to-be “Mom” picked her out at 4 weeks old because she was a good problem solver, interested in being around people, and very independent and confident.
  • Zander’s full name is Hilites Zander KB McKee. Hilites is the kennel name of her breeder. The K and B in her name were the initials of her mom’s previous German Shepherds. Her Mom loved the name Zander and had picked the name before even picking her out!
  • Zander is very social, happy, and loves playing with dogs and humans alike. Since she is also working to be a therapy dog, Doggy Daycare seemed just the place to let Zander be herself!
  • Zander became a weekly regular at the Okemos location in January 2016.
  • Many of Zander’s favorite past times include anything with playing fetch and swimming. Zander loves playing ball, and the minute she steps outside into the yard, she immediately picks up a ball and is asking her mom to throw it! Combine that with water and she’s even happier! She also loves to play with Patton, another German Shepard, who sometimes comes to daycare with her!
  • Aside from general obedience, Zander knows the shake command. Her mom has been working with her on picking up items that have been dropped on the floor. She “works” in schools, and spends a lot of time with kids and staff and does a wonderful job there too!
  • Zander has two favorite toys: a ball and a Nylabone. She loves to chew on bones, mostly Nylabones though!
  • Zander has a sister, Kayla, who is an 11 year old shih tzu/poodle mix. Zander loves Kayla more than Kayla seems to love Zander at times. When Zander was a puppy and would be goofy like a puppy, Kayla would glare at her mom as if saying, “this was your idea-not mine!”
  • Zander has traveled to Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin. Her family will camp, visit friends and family, rent cabins and stay in hotels. She is a perfect traveler! Recently, she was on a friend’s boat and she loved it!
  • This summer Zander is looking forward to swimming, swimming and more swimming!