Meet Woodward Price Williams!

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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Woodward Price Williams is a Shepherd Mix who celebrates his birthday on November 23, 2015. Woodward was a rescue dog and a very cautious one at that. He takes quite a while (up to 3 months) to warm up to someone new. Attending Doggy Daycare and Spa regularly since November 2015 has really helped him break out of his shell. He truly enjoys the company of his human and doggy friends. While he still doesn’t love the car ride, his tail is wagging as soon as he sees he is at Daycare!


  • After losing their previous, very special dog named Fred, the Williams family were heartbroken. A friend sent a link to Canine Companions that had recently been fostering Woodward and his mother and brother. The three dogs were abandoned and found just in time by Detroit Pit Crew Rescue Group. Woodward was a surprise for his Dad and he looked like a tiny bear! His family likes to think that Fred helped to find Woodward for them.


  • When Woodward isn’t hanging out with the other Hip Hounds at Doggy Daycare and Spa, he loves playing in his yard with his red jolly ball or orange frisbee. He also loves to walk on trails. Woodward is a vigilant guardian and defends his yard against any intruders including, but not limited to, people, squirrels and birds.


  • In addition to playing with his favorite toys, Woodward also enjoys “stealing” and chewing up his Dad’s socks and pieces of paper. He would love to gain the affection of his sibling cats, but they do not appreciate his enthusiasm.


  • Woodward is a very smart dog and knows his sit, down and stay commands. He will perform these “tricks” for cashews or almonds, which he catches in midair as his reward for being such a good boy. It appears Woodward did pay attention in Puppy Class even though he fell asleep on the first night!


  • One of Woodward’s best traits is that being sensitive, he knows when someone is having a bad day. He will lightly lean against the person’s legs just to let them know he is there. He is also a fan of cuddling any time.


  • This fall, Woodward is looking forward to seeing if the Walnut tree in his yard produces any nuts this year. He loves chasing one when it falls from the tree. Once he gets it, he parades around his yard with his tail held high, filled with pride.