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Doggy Daycare and Spa

Winston is an adorable chocolate labradoodle who wins over all who meet him with his curly coat and sweet personality. He joined his family as a puppy in March 2020 when his family decided it was time to get their current dog, Gypsy, a canine sibling. The family, unfortunately, lost Gypsy in the fall of 2022.

Winston joined his sister as a daycare regular when he was only 8 months old. Having a place to leave the dogs where they are comfortable has always been important to the Jobse family. Since his sister’s passing, spending time at daycare with his friends Walker, Apache, Violet, and Maui has helped Winston with the transition as an only dog.

Along with daycare and overnights, Winston also enjoys visiting the Spa where he is pampered by the Spa Specialists who make his fluffy coat even fluffier. Regular grooming is essential for a dog such as Winston to keep his coat healthy and free of matting.

When he’s not hanging out with the other Hip Hounds, Winston loves being at home where he spends hours playing with his absolute favorite toy in the world, his Jolly Egg. The only downfall of his Jolly Egg is that he can’t pick it up in his mouth, so when company comes over, he must present them with something else such as a soft toy or slipper.

Winston is a smart dog and can prove it by his ability to perform all the basic commands such as sit, lay down, and shake. But his favorite trick was performed one evening when his family was grilling steaks. The meat was perfectly prepared and resting for a moment before the family sat down to enjoy their meal. Winston’s Mom turned her back briefly and Winston performed his favorite trick… making food disappear! All she could do was watch him chew as he ran off with one of the steaks.

Although Winston truly loves spring because of his love for chasing squirrels, his favorite season is definitely winter due to the snow. He could stay outside enjoying the chilly temperatures and white stuff for hours.

If Winston could talk, he would tell us to take more time to relax and enjoy a nap. We think that’s good advice, Winston!