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  • Tully Lyons is a three year old Shepard/lab mix who is originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee and was brought to Michigan in 2015. Tully was adopted on December 9, 2015 from the Capital Area Humane Society. When his soon-to be-parents went to the humane society, they saw him and knew he was meant to be part of their family.
  • Tully’s full name is Tully Eugene Lyons. His dad had heard the name “Tully” on the radio and thought it was cool! His middle name comes from his mom’s favorite character on the TV show, One Tree Hill. The only time Tully hears his full name is when he is digging for moles in the backyard!
  • One unique thing about Tully is that he only has one eye! It was damaged while in Tennessee and it didn’t work, so he had it removed at the humane society. Only having one eye does not slow him down! Tully loves to run, play chase and has never run into anything while cruising his backyard.
  • Tully doesn’t have any furry siblings, but he does have 2 furry cousins, Stella and Lily, that live in Jackson. He absolutely loves to visit them and run around with them in their backyard.
  • His parents decided to enroll him at Doggy Daycare primarily to socialize him with other dogs. Doggy Day Care was recommended by a friend who took their dog to the Lansing location. Tully became a weekly regular at the Okemos location in January 2016.
  • Some of Tully’s favorite past times are learning to swim this past summer and going to the lake as much as possible with his dad. He really enjoys going on walks, especially if he gets to be off leash for a little bit. He also loves long car rides with the wind blowing through his fur and all the new smells! But his favorite past time is going to Doggy Day Care to see all of his friends. Most of the time the DDS staff can hear him coming because Tully starts barking before he is even in the parking lot!
  • When Tully was a puppy and had just moved in with his forever home, he used to take his toys one by one and put them away in the basement. His mom thought that was pretty cool that he would put his toys away. Boy did he fool her, he stopped only after a couple of months!
  • Tully loves snow! He can’t wait for winter so he can bury his head in the snow and climb hills and slide down on his side! Silly Tully!