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  • Rosie Schneider is a three year old hound mix who was adopted about 3 ½ years ago. Her soon to be family saw a picture of her on the Humane Society’s website and knew instantly she would be a good addition to their family. She is such a pretty dog!
  • Rosie was her name when her parents adopted her from the Human Society and it was just perfect for her!
  • When Rosie was a puppy, she was in her crate during the day and someone forgot to latch the crate door. Rosie walked out and curled up in a ball right next to her crate! It was much more comfortable outside of her crate apparently!
  • Rosie’s best doggie friend is named Tucker. They love to wrestle and play together while their parents play board games throughout the year!
  • Her parents decided to enroll her at Doggy Day Care because they were busy on Thursday nights after work and wanted to give her a chance to run around and play during the day. They also knew it would be good for her socialization skills too! Rosie became a weekly regular at the Okemos location in July 2016.
  • Some of Rosie’s favorite past times are walks, tug of war, snuggling, running around in the yard, barking at squirrels and catching Frisbees.
  • Rosie LOVES the tug of war rope. She will beg you to play with her anytime she can, but also loves to sit and chew on the rope. The moment she sees the rope is in play she can’t contain her excitement and starts barking with joy!
  • Rosie knows a few commands, she knows how to roll over, wave her paw, and catch Frisbees. She can jump really high in the air to catch the Frisbees!
  • A few years ago Rosie was staying with some family for a weekend and was in the fenced in yard. She heard someone pull into the driveway and jumped the 5 foot fence just to say hi! The next time she stayed there, she jumped it again! She is a highly motivated dog!
  • This spring season Rosie is looking forward to playing in the yard (especially Frisbee), go on more long walks, and to get to play with her new 6 month old human sibling, Daniel!