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Doggy Daycare and Spa

Sammy is an adorable Shih Tzu who celebrates his birthday on May 17, 2017. One of his all-time favorite past times is taking walks, especially in the winter! He absolutely loves the snow. He also always has time to stop and be petted by people who are passing by. He especially loves being told how cute he is.

When Sammy was a puppy, he suffered from separation anxiety. Attending daycare regularly at Doggy Daycare and Spa helped him overcome this and gave him a place where he felt comfortable when he needed to spend the night away from his family. Another bonus of attending daycare for Sammy is that he enjoys regular visits to the Spa every 4 weeks where he is  pampered, shampooed, brushed, and trimmed so he always looks perfect for his admirers.

When Sammy is hanging out with the other hip hounds, his family has peace of mind because they know he is being well taken care of and he has so much fun playing with the other small dogs who attend on the same day as him. Sammy always enjoys his afternoon nap with Gordon and Bucky and is extra excited when his friend Patches attends on the same day as him!

When he’s not at Doggy Daycare and Spa, Sammy has the luxury of sleeping in until 11:00am every day because his Mom works from home. He will leisurely get up and eat his breakfast (now lunch). But on his daycare day, he gets up at 6:00am, gobbles down his breakfast, and waits by the door until his Mom is ready to leave. He seriously knows when it is “daycare day.”

Up until a couple years ago, Sammy spent every summer weekend salmon fishing on Lake Michigan on a 30-foot boat. While he doesn’t get to fish for salmon any longer, he does get to play toss and catch with his favorite squeaky toy named “Taco-Fish!”

While Sammy is looking forward to going on walks without a coat this spring, it is obvious to his family that winter is his favorite season. During the dog days of summer, Sammy runs from shady spot to shady spot when on a walk, then rushes home to sprawl out on his cooling mats. We say, let’s just enjoy the nice weather before we start worrying about those hot summer days, Sammy!