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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Ryke is a Flat Coat Retriever-Border Collie Mix Breed dog who was born on November 7, 2014. Her litter was unexpected so she was taken to the area shelter. Her soon-to-be Mom and Dad saw that she was available for adoption on January 1, 2015 and the very next day, they drove across the state to pick her up and take her home.
  • Ryke started attending Daycare at Doggy Daycare and Spa on August 26, 2015. Daycare helped her learn social skills with other dogs and got her puppy energy out. Now that she is a mature adult dog, Ryke still enjoys attending Daycare regularly where she gets to hang out with her friends. She also enjoys getting pampered by the Spa Specialists who help to keep her beautiful coat healthy and shiny.
  • When she’s not at Doggy Daycare and Spa, Ryke loves to play with her two energetic human boys. Together they run, snuggle, and play fetch. Her favorite toy is a “popped” football which she took from the boys and made her own. Since she popped it, the ball has become her absolute favorite for playing fetch.
  • Ryke is an especially smart girl and knows all of her basic commands such as sit, stay and lay down. She is also good at playing catch and fetch. Her bed in the living room is her special place and Ryke will always go to it when told. What a good dog!
  • Ryke is a well-traveled dog and enjoys road trips. She once went with her family to Colorado where they stopped and visited friends and even got in a few hikes along the way. But while hiking is fun, Ryke especially loves swimming. In fact, if she had it her way, she would live on a lake where she could spend all day, every day in the water.
  • If Ryke could speak, she would tell her family to go to bed earlier. She can often be found in bed before anyone else in the family. She also enjoys a good cuddle and, if given an opportunity, will climb upon any available family member’s lap.
  • With the weather getting colder, Ryke is looking forward to playing ice hockey with her boys. Her family builds an ice rink in their yard and Ryke joins in on the fun by bringing her balls to the ice for her family to hit out into the yard. She also enjoys playing defense in the rink! We think that sounds like a blast!