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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Riley is a Golden Retriever who was born on May 30, 2013. At 8 weeks old, Riley came to live with his family who was really hoping for a dog who loved water. They quickly learned their wish had come true when Riley jumped into the giant water bowl and started playing in it!
  • Riley started joining his big sister Sadie for Daycare at Doggy Daycare and Spa for weekly Daycare when he was 8 months old. Being a natural social butterfly, Riley has always had lots of friends and especially enjoys hanging out with Teeko, Bowie, Riley R., Farrah and Belle. In the summer, he is always the first one in the pool and in the winter, he is the first to catch a snow ball.
  • When he isn’t lounging in the pool or playing with his friends at Doggy Daycare and Spa, Riley loves to chase tennis balls in his yard. He also enjoys taking walks with his family, snuggling up to his big canine sister, Riley, and receiving lots of belly rubs from his human parents.
  • While playing in the water may be his favorite activity, a ball is Riley’s favorite toy. He isn’t very particular… he loves any and all balls equally. He will chase a ball for hours on end if given the opportunity. When the game of fetch is over, Riley will lay down and squeak the ball until the squeaker is worn out. He is also known to drag extra large stuffed animals that are bigger than he is around the house… what a clown!
  • Proving that he really is a particularly talented fellow, Riley can balance a cookie on his nose and, on command, toss it up in the air for the perfect catch straight into his mouth, exactly where a treat belongs!
  • Another one of Riley’s many talents includes paddle boarding. In fact, he will join his Mom every chance he gets. Of course he always wears his life vest for safety 😊 Riley loves paddle boarding so much, that he has been known to swim out after his Mom if she leaves him behind. Riley is so in-tune with the water that during one particular excursion the water became so wavy that everyone they were with capsized… but not Riley and his Mom! They rode those waves together like a couple of pros!
  • Riley is a very happy dog with an extremely social personality. He greets everyone with a tail wag and smile, and he loves unconditionally. If he could give us advice, Riley would be sure to say “Live each day like someone left the gate open and you have a field of rand new squeaky tennis balls!” We also think he would recommend we go for a swim!