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Doggy Daycare and Spa

Pancakes is a Golden Retriever who was born on June 24, 2019. He joined his family when his parents determined their dog Buckley needed a companion. Buckley already had an affirmation towards Golden Retrievers from his experiences at Doggy Daycare and Spa, so when a relative was looking to find homes for her dog's puppies the Iansitis jumped at the opportunity.

Being naturally social, was the perfect fit for Doggy Daycare and Spa and joined his brother as soon as he was old enough for regular daycare attendance. Being part of a busy family with little kids at home, daycare provides “Mom and Dad” with some time off. Pancakes knows when it is “Daycare Day” and waits eagerly at the door until it is time to leave for drop off. His family also appreciate having a place for Pancakes to stay when they are out of town where they know he is comfortable and will be taken care of as well as regular spa visits that keep his golden coat clean and healthy.

Having a dog named “Pancakes” is a great conversation starter for the Iansiti family. Most people assume that the kids named him Pancakes, but it was actually his Dad! Being the color of pancakes and the way he “sploots” himself flat on the floor made the name fitting… though, there is occasionally some confusion in the house when the breakfast menu is discussed.

When he’s not hanging out with the other hip hounds at Doggy Daycare and Spa, Pancakes enjoys snuggling with his family on the couch, playing fetch, and wrestling with his best friend and brother, Buckley. Outside, bird watching and squirrel chasing top the list of his “must do’s.” Pancakes also sneaks into the children’s rooms when they are away and “steals” a stuffed animal off their bed. He doesn’t destroy it, just carries it around and lays with it while they are gone… how sweet!

Like most Golden Retrievers, Pancakes enjoys meal time and enthusiastically jumps high into the air like “Air Bud” while it is being prepared. In fact, once while waiting outside for dinner, he jumped so vigorously that the deck fell down! We are so glad no one was injured when that happened!

If Pancakes could give us advice for the New Year, it would be to make friends with every person you meet, jump in the mud puddle because it is fun, and always make time for hugs and cuddles. We think that is great advice, Pancakes!