Meet Mystique Ridenour!

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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Mystique is a young, easy natured golden retriever who was born on June
    23, 2021. In traditional golden retriever fashion, her catch phrase would be
    “Everyone is my Best Friend!”
  • At Doggy Daycare and Spa, she is quite literally friends with all dogs and all
    people. However, if she had to choose a best friend, it would be Dixie…
    and Addie… and the list could go on. She also loves her human “teachers”
    and shows them by sneaking hugs and leading them around by their hand
    or coat sleeve.
  • Spending time with the hip hounds at the Lansing location of Doggy
    Daycare and Spa gives her family peace of mind while they are working.
    They know she’s having fun rather than being alone all day.
  • Spa day is a favorite of Mystique’s. She loves being pampered and loved
    on by the Spa Specialists. Regular grooming helps keep her beautiful coat
    shiny and clean and her shedding down to a minimum.
  • When she’s not getting spoiled at Daycare, Mystique enjoys spending time
    outside… especially in the snow! Another favorite is taking long walks
    through the park with her Mom and Dad.
  • If you haven’t already figured it out, Mystique is named after the Marvel
    character from the X-Men franchise. She has 2 feline sisters named Jean
    Grey and Rogue, and she even has a chinchilla brother named Knight!
  • While Mystique hasn’t quite figured out how to shape shift yet, she is still a
    very smart girl. She can sit, shake, spin, high five, hug, stay, wait, and
    knows the colors blue and yellow. We think that is impressive!
  • Again, in typical golden style, Mystique is not happy unless someone is
    paying attention to her. If she feels ignored, she will lay down and as soon
    as you look at her, she will dramatically sigh to ensure everyone is aware of
    just how bored she is.
  • Mystique doesn’t have any big plans for Valentine’s Day, but if she did, she
    would be sure to spend it with her favorite guy… her human Dad.