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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Marlie is a standard schnauzer who came to live with her family when she was just a tiny 9-week-old puppy. Her family was quickly enamored with her sweet disposition.
  • When she was 8 months old, Marlie began attending Doggy Daycare and Spa. Regular daycare helps keep her active, happy, and fit. Marlie loves hanging with her fellow hip hounds, Rooney, Bruno, and Taz. She also enjoys helping her “teachers” evaluate new enrollees to see if they would make a good friend.
  • Marlie is an early riser and often is the very first to arrive at Daycare for the day. She loves to spend the morning outside and later in the day is ready to take her afternoon nap on comfy blankets in the indoor dog gymnasium. In fact, Marlie is such a good napper that she often must be woken up by her teachers once naptime is over! Once a month, Marlie visits the Spa where she is pampered, washed, and groomed. These visits are important to help keep her coat and skin healthy.
  • When she’s not helping run the show at Doggy Daycare and Spa, Marlie is on squirrel duty in her back yard. She chases the squirrels up the trees and the chipmunks into their holes. Being a working breed that was bred for ratting, this past time comes naturally to Marlie. In fact, the thick beard synonymous with the Schnauzer breed helps protect their face from being bitten!
  • Taking walks and spending time at the lake are also some of Marlie’s favorite past times. She enjoys watching the ducks, geese, and boats in the water. Last winter, she even got to go ice fishing!
  • If Marlie could give us advice, she would likely say “Working is good! But we all need to take time out and play.” We couldn’t agree more, Marlie!