Meet Macaroni “Mac” Dmoch!

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  • Mac was rescued when she was 6 months old. She was with a family who could no longer care for her but has found great comfort in her forever home where she has lived in for 4 and a half year!
  • Mac joined the hip hound gang in 2015. She was an insanely energetic puppy and her mom wanted her to be able to run and play all day!
  • Mac’s full name is Macaroni. Her Mom rescued her with that name, but loved it so much it just stuck!
  • Macaroni knows a few cool tricks! She can sit, lay down, and shake/pound it!
  • One of Mac’s favorite things is that she loves bringing “presents” to the door when anyone comes home – shoes, socks, toys, or anything she can grab a hold of. Napping is also another thing she really enjoys (finally after 5 years)!
  • Mac really enjoys the summertime because she gets to go camping often and all over Michigan! She also really enjoys hiking in the woods!
  • Macaroni escaped her yard one time from chasing a bird. They found her quickly because she stayed sitting on the other side of their fence crying to get back in. She loves her home and would never want to get lost!
  • Mac’s favorite toy is her “Bobo” (pictured with her below). She loves pulling out the stuffing and playing chase with it!
  • Mac has two really good friends that happen to be her neighbors and they play together in the back yard all the time!
  • Macaroni is not a fan of the cold weather so she is definitely looking forward to Summertime and being able to play in the backyard in the warm sunshine!