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Doggy Daycare and Spa

Lulu is a beautiful white Boxer who came to live with her family when she was already 4 years old. They were living in Texas at the time and her family was quite worried that Lulu may have a hard time acclimating to the colder weather in Michigan when they moved north. Fortunately, Lulu has acclimated to the changing seasons with no issues.

Even though Lulu is technically a “senior” at nearly 11 years old, she doesn’t let that slow her down. Enjoying daycare regularly keeps her exercised and her energy at a manageable level. She loves socializing with the other dogs and enjoying the attention she receives from her “teachers.” Her family appreciates knowing that when Lulu is at Doggy Daycare and Spa, she is being well taken care of and loved by people they trust.

While she’s hanging out with the other hip hounds, Lulu especially enjoys singing with her best friend, Cody the Beagle. The harmonies that the two put out together are just beautiful.

Lulu is not only beautiful, she is also very smart. The basics such as sit, lie down, and shake come second nature to her. She also loves every toy equally as she doesn’t like picking just one favorite. Lulu is also deaf in one ear, which can make it difficult for her to determine where sounds are coming from. Except for when the treat bag is opened… she can always immediately find that regardless of where it is in the house.

When Lulu was first adopted by her family, they quickly discovered she was quite springy and could jump very high. She was constantly freaking her family out by jumping over the back of all the furniture!

Being an especially spoiled Boxer girl, Lulu enjoys an egg every morning with her breakfast. However, if the egg being served is missing what she considers to be the appropriate amount of butter, she will turn her nose up until more butter is added.

This fall, Lulu has spent time enjoying lots of cider and especially donuts. For Thanksgiving, she plans to have a sleepover with her cousin Eddy. We hope this cousin Eddy is no relation to the other cousin Eddy!