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  • Kali came to her family twelve years ago, when she ran up to her future family member Nathan in the Lansing mall parking lot. It was the middle of the winter, so he waited a few minutes to see if anyone would come claim her an no one did. After posting an ad in the paper, and no one yet claiming her, they decided to keep her and her mom woke up to her licking her face and has been in love with her ever sense!
  • Kali has been coming to Doggy Daycare and Spa for almost 10 years now! She started coming to Doggy Daycare to make friends and socialize with other dogs. She was the only dog in the family so they knew that she would love to play with other dogs!
  • Kali’s full name is Kali Martzke, but she also goes by Gee Gee or Bobby MC GeeGee! Her parents named her Kali on the very first day they had her! It was a name that they liked and it seemed to fit her perfectly!
  • Kali is really good at playing fetch and her secret talent is catching Doritos midair!
  • Kali really loves chasing after squirrels and digging for “varmints” that come into her yard! She also really enjoys going for rides in the truck with her “dad”!
  • A funny and unique story about Kali is the time she ran away in the UP. Her family was worried because it was very snowy and Kali had had two previous knee surgeries so her leg was not in the best shape. Kali had to cross a creek in order to run away so that worried her parents even more. After an hour of calling for her, Kali eventually came back and had brought a nice present home with her. It was a dead frozen animal! Her parents were very appreciative of her gift and happy she came home, but Kali was not allowed back outside for the rest of the day!
  • Kali’s favorite toy is her Piggy Pig! She loves to run around and make it squeak. She also loves sticks, that she enjoys chasing and chewing on!
  • Kali’s best friends are her parents who she absolutely adores! She is also very fond of her neighbor Steve who she gets to see every time she goes up North!
  • Kali is looking forward to Summer because she is an outdoor pup and enjoys being outside ALL day and evening!