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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Jacki is a Beagle mix who was born on September 24, 2012. Her mother was taken to Animal Placement Bureau while she was pregnant with 4 puppies. Jacki was one of those 4 puppies! When she first met her human Mom, Jacki was nervous and scared, but they bonded instantly. She went to her new home on December 26, 2012.
  • Jackie has been attending Doggy Daycare and Spa since November 2012. Her human Mom works long hours so they both feel better having Jacki spend time with her canine companions and human friends at Doggy Daycare and Spa rather than being home alone for so long.
  • Most people think Jacki is a mix between a beagle and a jack russell terrier. After having a DNA test performed, they determined she is ½ beagle, 1/8 cocker spaniel, 1/8 springer spaniel and the last ¼ is a variable mix.
  • A squeaky toy affectionately named “Monkey Man” is Jacki’s pride and joy. She runs with it and shakes it vigorously. “Monkey Man” has had to, unfortunately, been replaced several times as it is prone to losing legs.
  • Long walks and playing fetch are also on Jacki’s list of faves. Fetch is usually cut short, however, since she won’t give the ball back to be thrown again.
  • Along with dismembering “Monkey Man,” Jacki can do plenty of tricks… as long as she is bribed with a treat
    Jacki can sit, lay down, roll over, speak, shake hands, circle, army crawl and even “stick ‘em up” where she puts her front paws in the air! How cute is that???
  • During her quarantine time, Jacki has been enjoying her Mom working from home. She gets to go outside several times per day and spends a lot of her time watching “dog tv” through the front window since there are so many more people and dogs walking by. She has also joined her Mom on a few telephone conferences.
  • This summer, Jacki is looking forward to camping. She loves to go to the Muskegon River where you won’t find her swimming, but she does kayak with her Mom. After a fun day outdoors, Jacki loves to curl up in a sleeping bag for the night.