Meet Islay Sky Mulcrone!

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Ashley Davis

Islay is an Australian Shepherd dog who was born on November 27, 2017. When her family’s previous dog passed away at 16 years old, they thought they couldn’t bear to get another dog. That quickly changed when a friend showed them a photo of the last of a litter of Aussie puppies. Islay’s sweet, joyful nature was exactly what her family needed, and she officially joined her family on February 1, 2018.

In February year later, Islay began attending Doggy Daycare and Spa regularly. She absolutely loves the water and spends warm days playing with her friends with the hose, sprinkler, and in the pools. Her besties include Taz, Beau, and Jarvis. Islay loves going to Daycare so much that she can barely contain her excitement on the mornings of “daycare day.”

Spending the night away from her family is no big deal for Islay because Doggy Daycare and Spa is her home away from home. She also enjoys an occasional visit to the spa for grooming, but she definitely prefers the pools to the tub!

When she’s not hanging out with the other hip hounds, Islay is spending time with her family, doing whatever it is that they are doing whether it be going for walks, playing in the yard, sitting on the deck, or cuddling on the couch. Anyone who comes over to their house is greeted by Islay and presented with a soft toy and her wiggling Aussie-behind (those who are familiar with this breed know exactly what this means.)

Playing soccer is Islay’s very favorite game, although she plays by her own rules. She runs around the yard with the ball in her mouth, while her humans kick other balls around the yard that she can herd. She’s so excited by the game we can’t say the word, “soccer” unless her family plans to play. She will even “chase” the ball when it’s on the television.

Ever since she was a puppy, she’s been entranced with dogs and other animals on the television. Once she sees a commercial with dogs, she recognizes the music and runs from the other room to watch the other dog on-screen. Islay has a ball in the shape of the Statue of Liberty Crown that has been named “Liberty” by her family. When she hears the Liberty Insurance jingle on television, she will grab that toy and present it proudly to the tv as it sings out “Liberty, Liberty, Liberty.”

While Islay isn’t officially a therapy dog, she has brought much joy and comfort to MSU students, staff and faculty. When her Mom worked on campus, Islay was a frequent visitor. During the recent tragedy, she was available to students, faculty, and anyone else in need of some comforting. Islay is extremely patient and seems to understand just what people need to feel better. When she was in puppy training, the teacher said often times Aussies can be stand-offish, but Islay was clearly “socially optimistic” since she wants everyone to be her friend. Good girl, Islay!