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Indy Dimick is a fun-loving Labrador Retriever who proved the adage that Labs are puppies for their first 5 years to be true. Her “Mom and Dad” were planning to get a puppy but were planning to wait a little while after moving into their first house. After finding out there was one black lab left from a litter, they just couldn’t resist going to meet the little wiggly female. Of course, they were instantly smitten, and Indy was welcomed into her home on August 9, 2018.

After realizing it took more than a long walk to tire Indy out, her parents turned to Doggy Daycare and Spa to help curb some of Indy’s limitless energy. They appreciated the requirements set in place to help keep Indy and her friends safe while playing together. They also love knowing they have a place for Indy to stay when their schedules get too demanding or the need to travel arises. And Indy doesn’t mind coming for the day or spending the night at Doggy Daycare and Spa. It’s her home away from home!

When she’s not hanging out with the hip hounds at Doggy Daycare and Spa, Indy’s favorite past time is joining her Grandpaw at the Sportman’s Club. In fact, her Grandpaw may just be her favorite person in the whole wide world. While she’s at the Sportman’s Club, Indy gets to chase sporting clays (rabbits are her favorite), run around off leash, and go for rides on golf carts.

Speaking of golf carts, Indy just can’t get enough golf cart rides to satisfy her. In fact, she will sit in a golf cart or gator (it doesn’t matter who is belongs to) and stare at other members until someone gives in and takes her for a loop around.

At home, Indy has quite a collection of toys (two full laundry baskets full, plus a backup tote in storage) and her favorite varies depending on the day. Currently, her favorite is a giant squishy loofah which is nearly the same size as her. She enjoys dragging it around the house and swinging and shaking it.

Indy is happy that fall is here. She thinks that summer is just too hot. She has a strict 72 degrees or cooler temperature limit. In the spring, she loves jumping and running through the puddles. In the fall, the crunchy leaves are the absolute best to run through. And, of course, who doesn’t love chasing snowflakes in the winter?

This Halloween, Indy will be dressing up in a brand-new Halloween costume which features the Hocus Pocus Ride-On Sanderson Sisters for doggy trick or treating. It will look especially great because the vest that Indy will need to wear is black so it will disappear into her fur. We hope you join us for the Halloween costume contest at Doggy Daycare and Spa on Tuesday, October 31 too, Indy!