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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Hershey Jones is a chocolate labradoodle who was born on September 12, 2018. He was given to his mom by a family friend when he was just a puppy… what an amazing gift!
  • Doggy Daycare and Spa has been able to provide Hershey with regular exercise and socialization since his Mom enrolled him in December of 2019. Hershey attends twice per week and is especially fond of helping his “teachers” by participating in new dog evaluations.
  • Hershey’s best friends at Doggy Daycare and Spa are Layla, Ami, Holly and Marlie. Hershey loves hanging out with the other hip hounds and occasionally gets to enjoy a sleepover with his friends when his Mom is out of town.
  • Regular visits to the Spa keep Hershey’s coat healthy, shiny, and neat. Being a labradoodle, he has a natural “scruffy” look which is absolutely adorable on him. His Mom says his eyebrows give him a wise, old man look and we have to agree.
  • When he’s not hanging out with the other hip hounds and helping with new enrollments, Hershey likes to spend his time lounging around his house. He enjoys watching “doggy tv” through the window which consists of the wildlife in his yard. He never barks at the bunnies, squirrels, or birds. He just sits there and enjoys the show.
  • Hershey’s biggest adventure so far was when he was 9 months old and joined his Mom on a cross country trip to Oregon. Perhaps that is when he discovered his love of watching the world go by through the window!
  • While he does enjoy lounging around, Hershey also loves to play with his plush toys by tossing them up and down the hallway. He also impresses with his obedience skills and nails the commands “sit, shake, and down” every time.
  • Hershey Jones is a sensitive soul who is an absolute joy to be around. His good nature makes him a fast friend to all of the team members and dogs at Doggy Daycare and Spa!