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  • Henry James Jaglowski is a yellow Labrador Retriever who was born on May 17, 2008. His family found him through an ad in the newspaper. When they went to see the puppies, Henry was obviously the cutest and sweetest of the litter and the perfect fit for his family.
  • Henry has been enrolled at Doggy Daycare and Spa since June 2010. His Dad enjoys bringing him because it is a great place for Henry to be when he needs to be away from the house for any reason. Henry has fun, gets exercise, and is also able to take a nap when he wants to. Henry enjoys all of the services provided by Doggy Daycare and Spa, including grooming at the Spa!
  • When he’s at home, Henry enjoys wading in his pool in the summer and rolling in the snow in the winter. He absolutely adores his family and the feeling is mutual.
  • Henry has an obsession with anything new and loves opening presents… even when they are not his. We bet this makes for an interesting Christmas morning!
  • True to his breed, Henry has an extra special love for food. He is always looking for his Kong to see if someone stuffed it with a treat. Maybe that is also what he is looking for in the presents!
  • Being an especially smart dog, Henry knows all of the basic commands. He can sit, stay, lay down and shake… Shake being his favorite. When he went to training classes at Doggy Daycare and Spa, he wanted to shake for every command he was given. He is also the kind of dog that chewed up his certificate he received upon graduation.
  • Henry has always been a laid-back dog. Even as a puppy, he could sit back and chill out with his family. He would lay on the floor on his tummy stretched out like Superman with his fat tummy smooshed out on both sides. He smiles at everyone he knows, especially his neighbor Paul.
  • This past May, Henry turned 12 years old. He has slowed down a lot this past year, but still gets excited in the morning when everyone wakes up. He loves to go for car rides (something he used to hate) and walks are still fun, but he doesn’t go quite as far or as fast.