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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Henry is a Norwich Terrier who was born on August 24, and became a member of the Granger family in October 2017. His family drove all the way to Virginia to pick him up. He laid in the lap of his new “Girl” and smiled the entire way home!
  • The entire family welcomed sweet Henry into their home, even their German Shepherd, Wolfi. Wolfi was so gentle with Henry and they quickly became best friends. Sadly, Wolfi passed away earlier this year.
  • Having Henry attend daycare at Doggy Daycare and Spa twice a week has brought his family peace of mind. They know Henry is being loved and cared for and they can spend more time working without worrying. Henry gets super excited when he arrives to play with his friends. It is a win-win for everyone!
  • When Henry isn’t hanging out with the other hip hounds at Doggy Daycare and Spa, he loves to play with his stuffed bunny indoors or go for long walks outdoors. He often times sits at his Mom’s feet while she works, but if he disappears, he is sure to be found sprawled out on the floor napping in the sunshine!
  • Henry’s favorite toy is his stuffed bunny. When he wants to play, he will bring it and give a short bark. He likes it best when the bunny is pretend “wrestling.” He will also run after it at “lightning speed” if you throw it down the hall, which also tires him out!
  • Although Henry doesn’t know any formal tricks, his charming good looks are enough to keep his family smitten with him. He is also really good at sleeping in the middle of the kitchen with 6 people stepping over him. He is very well-behaved and polite, which is probably the best “trick” to know!
  • When Henry was a puppy and he was working on training with his Mom, he would sometimes sneak into his brother Wolfi’s crate and hide way in the back where it was impossible for his Mom to see him and very difficult to reach him. When his Mom finally caught on, she would ask Henry to come, only to have the German Shepherd Wolfi go into the crate and sit protectively in front of Henry!
  • During Henry’s quarantine time, he has spent time at home with his entire family getting lots of attention from everyone. This summer, he is looking forward to enjoying an ice cream doggy sundae at King Kone’s! We think that sounds delicious!