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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Gatsby Nelson is a Chihuahua mixed-breed dog who was born in January 2011. He was two years old when he was adopted by his family from a rescue organization in Arizona. He was pretty shy and scared when he first came home, but quickly learned he was safe and began to play, have fun, and cuddle.
  • When his family moved back to Michigan from Arizona, Gatsby quickly learned to appreciate the simple joys of kicking grass and cooler weather. Enjoying time on the water quickly became one of his favorite past times.
  • On September 28, 2018, Gatsby officially became a Hip Hound at Doggy Daycare and Spa. He absolutely loves spending time with other dogs and he is especially good at making blanket forts to cuddle in. At the end of the day, he helps his teachers clean the gym by riding the sweeper and making them laugh.
  • Gatsby’s parents appreciate the peace of mind they receive from knowing Gatsby is having a great time at Doggy Daycare and Spa while they are gone at work all day. They also bring Gatsby to stay overnight at Doggy Daycare and Spa when they are away… and Gatsby doesn’t mind because it is his home away from home!
  • Just because his coat is short doesn’t mean that Gatsby doesn’t benefit from regular visits the Spa for some pampering. Regular spa visits keep his coat shiny and healthy, his nails short, and his ears clean.
  • Napping in sunny spots and barking at the geese and ducks that hang out by the river in his backyard are just a couple of Gatsby’s favorite past times. He also loves his hedgehog toy and will play fetch and nibble on it when the mood arises.
  • Gatsby is a polite boy and will sit and stay patiently before enjoying his breakfast and dinner. When its treat time, Gatsby will jump high in the air to receive it! What talent!
  • If he could live anywhere, Gatsby’s parents are sure he would pick the beach or a home with a pool. He absolutely loves the water and is always up for spending the day boating or floating in the pool on hot summer days.
  • On February 14, Gatsby will choose his parents to be his Valentines. He loves them more than anything else in the world and knows that the perfect day is one spent with them (even if its simply spending the day laying on the couch and watching tv.)