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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Isabella “Ella” is a German Shepherd Dog who was born on February 18, 2013. When her Mom decided to add a pup to her family, she knew it had to be a GSD. She went to several shelters to adopt, but was always too late. Finally, there was a lead on a group of pups that were up for adoption 3 hours away. Ella’s Mom made the drive and was quickly smitten by Ella. A short time later, they were headed home together.
  • Ella started attending Doggy Daycare and Spa on March 1, 2016. Being a German Shepherd, she is quite naturally protective and attending Daycare regularly has helped Ella learn that other people and dogs can be her friends. Some of her favorite fellow Hip Hounds are Daisy, Remy Lou, and Roxie.
  • Another benefit of coming to Doggy Daycare and Spa is having a place for Ella to board overnight when her Mom is away. Because Ella attends Daycare every week, having to stay over is no big deal. Ella also enjoys a regular Pedicure from the Spa Specialists.
  • When she isn’t hanging out with her four-legged friends at Doggy Daycare and Spa, Ella enjoys going to Dairy Queen for “Pup-Cones” and sticking her head through the pet gate at home and wearing the gate as a “necklace.” Of course, Ella’s most important job is keeping the squirrels and Postal Carriers off her property. Ella is an expert at giving high-fives and sharking food.
  • A favorite toy of Ella’s is a large hexagon ball that is about a foot in diameter. She could easily play with it all day in her backyard if given the opportunity. Another favorite past time is digging up her Mom’s planters, putting her big hexagon ball in the planter, then dragging the planter around. She also enjoys chewing the garden hose in half! It’s a good thing Ella’s Mom loves her so much!
  • On two different occasions, Ella has taken herself on a walk around the neighborhood. Her Mom dropped her leash and Ella scooped it up and trotted down the sidewalk. She visited her friend around the block and then kept on walking.
  • While Ella is certainly looking forward to spring, her Mom doesn’t enjoy all the mud that Ella brings in from the yard. After the snow melts or a big rain, Ella will usually need a good bath or have to stay inside for the day. Both Ella and her Mom prefer when the yard dries up and the flowers come out.
  • Ella prefers to sleep belly up with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. In fact, if she could talk, she would surely demand that her Mom and Grandma give her hip and belly rubs. All. The. Time.