Meet Dexter Desrochers!

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  • Dexter was brought home 3 years ago when he was only 11 weeks old! His humans were originally supposed to take home his brother, but ended up taking him instead, and now he is so spoiled and loved! They chose a lab because of how good they are for families and wanted him to grow up with the kids!
  • Dexter became a part of the Hip Hound Gang 2 years ago! He gets lonely when his best friends Drew and Elle are gone at school so he comes to his own school for the day to play!
  • Dexter’s full name is: Dexter “Chocolate Thunder” Desrochers, everyone in their family just loved it.
  • Dexter is a good boy; he knows how to sit and can look for squirrels on command! (He would not know what to do if he actually caught one though)!
  • Dexter is very afraid of the oven. He will run and hide under the bed anytime the oven is on. However, he knows as soon as it’s off because he will come back downstairs and join the family again!
  • Fetch, barking at anyone who walks by the house, and going for walks are some of Dexter’s most favorite things! He also really enjoys taking long naps in the front yard.
  • The first day Dexter was brought home he was exploring the front porch and fell off and landed into the bushes, silly puppy.
  • Dexter has a couple of favorite toys, when he’s inside it’s his stuffed duck, and when he’s outside he loves his tennis ball. He always has his toys close by!
  • Dexter’s only doggy friend outside of daycare is actually his brother Jack which Dexter’s grandma has. So not only does he get spoiled with lots of treat and a big yard to run in at grandma’s house, but he gets to play with his brother too!
  • Dexter is very excited for summer because his human siblings; Drew and Elle, will be home from school for the summer and he will have so much more time to spend with them!