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  • Charlie’s family got him when he was just eight weeks old from a litter near Kalamazoo. His dad had just taken the bar exam and wanted to get a puppy to celebrate, and from going to school in the south he knew he wanted a Coonhound! When he went to go visit the puppies, Charlie was the very first one to approach him, and as his dad says, the rest if history!
  • Charlie started coming to Doggy Daycare and Spa because he had a lot of energy when he was a puppy and his dad would sometimes need a break from all his crazy puppy energy!
  • Charlie’s full name is Charlie Beauregard Mains, but he generally goes by Charlie or Charlie Beau! Charlie is a Bluetick Coonhound which is a breed that originated in the South so his parents wanted a name for him that sounded very southern!
  • Tricks are not really Charlie’s thing, due to him being incredibly stubborn, but he does know how to sit and shake!
  • One of Charlie’s favorite activities is tanning! He loves nothing more than laying in the sun, and will get up and move if his current area starts to get too shady!
  • A unique thing about Charlie is that ever since he was a puppy, he cannot eat without howling at his food at least three to four time before he eats it! It is a joke that that is his way of saying grace before he eats!
  • Charlie is very smart and is also very sneaky! When he was younger, he would be closed off in the kitchen during the day while his dad was at work. That however did not last long because Charlie soon learned how to climb the gates! Once he knew the coast was clear he would climb the baby gate and hangout in the living room, and then climb back over the gate into the kitchen before anyone got home! This lasted until he was caught in the act one day when his dad came home early from work!
  • Charlie’s favorite toys are his hedgehog and his squeaky pig!
  • Charlie has a chocolate lab cousin named Brimley who he likes to spend time with. He also has a few friends from around his neighborhood but Charlie is most drawn to friends that are Great Danes. Any time he sees one he immediately wants to go play with it! His parents joke that if he himself could have a pet that he would have a Great Dane!
  • For being a breed of dog that has a very light coat, Charlie loves the winter! He loves to play in the fresh powder from when it snows the night before, and he tries to climb the biggest snowbanks that he can find!