Meet Cayden Fandrick!

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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Cayden came to his family all the way from Maine! They picked him out of a litter of six, and while they waited until he was 8 weeks old to bring him home, they followed him on Facebook. Cayden was always the pup that was getting into trouble, and still carries his nickname of “Naughty puppy” to this day!
  • Cayden came to Doggy Daycare and Spa because he is a social butterfly and he needed the company of some new friends! He also definitely needed to expend all of his extra energy!
  • Cayden’s name means “Spirit of battle”, which his family thought was a good name for a German Pinscher, and one that fit him well!
  • Cayden only does the tricks that he feels like doing, and prefers to do them on his own terms!
  • Cayden really loves car rides and stopping to get ice cream at his favorite ice cream shop. He also enjoys walks and family time while he visits with his Aunts, Uncles and cousins!
  • Something special about Cayden is that he is a hugger! When he snuggles with certain family members on the couch you can find him with his arms tucked around their necks!
  • Very early on Cayden learned how to master the puppy dog eyes, and found that he can use them to get just about whatever he wants! His family says that he has them trained!
  • Cayden’s favorite toy is his stuffed moose that reminds him on his home state of Maine. He loves to use it as a pillow when he is tired!
  • Cayden is best buddies with Sadie who lives next door, and he is also really close with his cousins Remy, Tucker and Izzy!
  • Cayden is looking forward to fall because it will bring more squirrels into his yard, that he can chase away while patrolling it!