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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Bucky is a Standard Poodle who was born on March 8, 2018. His early life was not easy, and when he met his “Dad,” they bonded instantly. Bucky made it very clear that he was meant to be a part of the Sina family, and although there had been no plans to adopt a dog, Bucky went home with his new Dad that night.
  • Bucky has been attending Doggy Daycare and Spa twice per week since June 2019. He loves playing with his best friends Layla and Tully and even let’s his little brother Gordon hang out with him too. Bucky loves the attention he receives from his human caregivers and often helps to assess new dogs to see if they will fit in the pack! Along with Daycare, Bucky also enjoys regular visits to the Spa where he is doted on from top to tail, which is very important for the most distinguished Standard Poodle.
  • When he isn’t hanging out with the other hip hounds, Bucky hangs out with his Dad. Bucky goes to work with his Dad most weekends so other than time spent at Daycare, they are rarely apart. In fact, you can usually find Bucky within a 6 feet radius of his Dad. Bucky has a deep, loud bark that is far beyond his breed or age. According to his Dad, it is as though Bucky sees himself as a Guardian, watching for any changes in the surrounding environment and alerting to any potential danger the world might present. He also exists to pave his Dad’s way in the world, dancing all the way, because life is always better in a pack.
  • Playtime is just as important as worktime, and Bucky sure does love to play! He enjoys anything that rolls or is tossed and is always up for a game of chase with a ball. He also loves making as much noise as possible with squeaky and crinkly toys.
  • Standard Poodles are known for their intelligence, and Bucky is no exception. He knows all of the basic commands such as sit and stay, but also understand “Go to Bed” which means go to his crate, “Up you Go!” which means get in the car, and always waits to be called before exiting the car or backyard. When he feels like it, he will obey “Quiet,” “Lie Down,” and “Drop it.”
  • If Bucky could give his Dad any advice, it would be that giving belly rubs paves the way into Heaven. Go for more walks and take your buddy with you because people are more accepting of those who love dogs.
  • This winter, Bucky is looking forward to snow! The more the better. His goal is to become the “Irrepressible Snow Dog.” Winter is his absolute favorite season, and he loves winter so much, that if given a choice, he would reside in the artic… as long as his Dad was there.
  • Bucky is a kind and gentle soul. He helps his Dad remember to appreciate the little things in life. He is much more responsive to affection than food so rewards are best when they are heartfelt. He is the perfect example of how dogs can bring out the best in people. We think so too.