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  • Bode White is a two year old Golden Retriever who originally lived with his brother from the same litter, but his original owner realized it was a lot of work to take care of two golden puppies at the same time. Deciding she could only handle one, she gave Bode to his family that he lives with now.
  • Bode’s full name is Bodacious (Bode) McGregor White. His family felt that Bodacious really captured Bode’s personality, and boy were they right!
  • Bode only has one furry sibling, his brother Bo, who he originally lived with at his original mom’s home. They also get to play with each other at Doggy Day Care.
  • His parents decided to enroll him at Doggy Day Care primarily to socialize him. They felt it was important that he be around other dogs and people. They also wanted to give him extra exercise and to not spend all day indoors while they were at work. Bode has been a weekly regular that the Okemos location since February 2017.
  • Some of Bode’s favorite pass times are swimming, playing with his human siblings, and being pet by his dad or really anyone who will pet him!
  • When Bode was a puppy his human siblings saw a video on the internet claiming that because golden retriever mouths were so gentle, they could hold a raw egg in their mouth without breaking it. His human siblings decided to test it out and are happy to report that Bode succeeded! They even have video to prove it!
  • His favorite toy is a stuffed animal cow from Chik-Fil-A that he likes to chew, remove the stuffing and carry around the house with him.
  • Bode can only do one trick over and above the normal obedience tricks, he learned how to open the door to his crate in order to fetch his blankets.
  • One unique thing about Bode is that he loves to wear multiple collars and bandanas around his neck at one time. His parents call them “necklaces” and if you take one off, he will desperately try to put it back himself.
  • This fall season Bode is most looking forward to dressing up for Halloween! Last year he went as a lion!