Meet Blue Hardwick!

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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Blue is a 10-year-old husky mix! His name was given to him because he has one blue eye! Blue was given to his mom by her niece when she was unable to care continue caring for him. Blue was welcomed to the family by Augie and Chief in 2012!
  • Blue started coming to Doggy Daycare after Augie and Chief crossed the Rainbow Bridge so he could remain social and make some new friends!
  • Blue enjoys going for walks around the neighborhood and saying Hi to all the neighbor dogs! He also loves to zoom around the backyard chasing squirrels!
  • Currently Blue’s favorite toy is his stuffed dog. He is always asking his mom to throw it for him to chase!
  • Blue’s best trick is tilting his head when you are talking to him so it actually seems like he is listening to you! He also will shake his whole body as he sits for a treat! 😊
  • Blue has a doggy cousin, Molly, who spends a lot of weekends with him! They enjoy playing outside and chasing squirrels together! Blue also has a human niece, Sam. Sam and Blue love to play tug of war together when she visits!
  • Blue can be quite vocal like a husky but only in the mornings when he is telling his mom to wake up! Hah
  • This spring Blue is looking forward to laying on the deck in the sun while watching the world go by as he waits for a squirrel to chase out of his yard! 😊