Meet Betty Haviland!

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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Betty is a 2-year-old “Beabull” (3/4 bulldog and ¼ beagle). She was named after the famous Betty White! She is definitely funny like her too!
  • Betty became a member of the Hip Hound Family in 2018. She was an energetic pup and her Moms wanted her to socialize and play with other dog-friends!
  • Some of Betty’s favorite past times are playing with her tennis ball and going crazy over the hose! She could play non stop with either of these things, she loves them so much!
  • Betty is such a smart girl; she knows how to shake and will go into a sitting position when her Mom crosses her arms (Betty loves treats and will always do her tricks to earn one!)
  • Betty’s favorite toy is her Mom! She always nudges and pushes her with toys to get attention and get her to play.
  • When Betty was just a puppy she used to roll around on the bed until she was so tired that she would yip. Her Moms would have to massage her belly and legs until she fell into a deep sleep!
  • Betty has a big brother Bruce (he’s a cat) and she loves to play with him! Bruce likes to sneak attack Betty anytime that she isn’t paying attention!
  • One time Betty leaped from the backseat onto her Mom’s shoulder when she was spooked by a broom in the back (She’s 60 plus pounds!). She was also spooked by “scary” flowers!
  • Betty hasn’t traveled many places, but she has traveled all the way to Green Bay!
  • Betty is really looking forward to her Moms buying a new house with a big back yard and with a pool (just for her of course).