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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Belle is a Great Pyrenees who was born on July 11, 2018 on a farm in Williamston, Michigan. She became a member of the Henley family in September 2018.
  • Since March 2019, Belle has been attending Doggy Daycare and Spa. Her family loves that she gets exercise and spends time with other friendly dogs. They also have peace of mind boarding her at a place they know she is safe and well cared for. In addition to daycare and boarding, Belle also enjoys regular visits to the Spa for Grooming which keeps her luxurious white coat in excellent condition.
  • One of Belle’s favorite activities at Doggy Daycare and Spa is splashing all of her friends while playing in the pool. It is so fun to watch her!
  • When she isn’t hanging out with the other Hip Hounds at Doggy Daycare and Spa, Belle likes to spend her days playing keep away with her favorite toy, a stuffed chicken. She also enjoys going on leisurely walks.
    Belle has been through therapy dog training and is a very polite girl. Along with the basics, Belle can shake hands and bump you with her nose on command.
  • Belle is not only beautiful, she is also very smart. When she was a puppy, she figured out how to escape by tripping the latch on the baby gate. But before that, she made sure her toys were free too by shoving them through the gate’s cat door! What a funny girl!
  • Belle has been enjoying the dog days of summer and especially likes to swim, something that is unusual for the Great Pyrenees breed. She also enjoys “exercising” with the kids in the family despite not having any idea what they are doing!
  • When asked what Belle is looking forward to the most this summer, her “Mom” said that Belle hadn’t told her yet. “She just goes with the flow.”
  • Prior to her adoption, Pickles was known as Oreo. After joining her new family, the Altimores
    changed her name to Pickles because “A dill pickle, like our Pickles, is a bit spicey, tart,
    crunchy and absolutely delicious! And who doesn’t love pickles?” We find the name to be
    wonderfully suited for her as well.
  • Pickles doesn’t play with toys… unless her big brother Punchy has a ball which expels dog
    treats! Even without teeth, she makes sure she is right there to get her fair share of snacks.
  • While Pickles loves laying the driveway and soaking up the sun during the warm weather
    months, she also loves taking walks in autumn when the air is crisp and the pavement is not
    too hot or too cold. When she returns from a cool weather jaunt, Pickles loves to snuggle in
    front of the fireplace – her favorite place to be.
  • In the winter during an after-dinner walks, Pickles back feet got so cold that she balanced on
    her front legs and walked! Suffice to say, her Mom carried her the rest of the way home and
    she enjoyed some fire-place time.