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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Austin Baker is a 1 year old golden retriever who was adopted from Last Chance Rescue in 2014. When his soon-to-be “Parents” saw his pictures, they knew he would be the perfect addition to their family.
  • Austin got his name from Austin Powers! His full name is Austin Danger Harper.
  • Because of his parents’ busy schedules, Austin found himself bored and lonely during the week. Austin has tons of energy and loves interacting with other dogs… Doggy Daycare was exactly what they all needed! Austin became a weekly regular at the Okemos location in September 2015.
  • Many of Austin’s favorite pastimes include anything with water. He can’t pass a puddle without splashing in it! But he also enjoys going to the park, walking the trails and playing tug of war.
  • Austin is super smart and knows lots of commands like sit, drop, stay, shake, roll over and even find it. Austin recently took an agility course where he learned to navigate through obstacles.
  • Austin has two favorite toys: one for inside and one for outside. His inside toy is a silent squeaking Furby. When he’s outside, he loves to splash his Chuck It! Roller in puddles. It became an outside toy when he was about six months old because he kept trying to play with it in the toilet! Ewww Austin!
  • Austin has two cat siblings, Bailey and Banjo. Bailey spends most of his time in solitude, but Banjo enjoys bossing Austin around!
  • When Austin gets really excited, he grabs ahold of random objects. Just recently he had a mitten, a set of car keys and a rope toy in his mouth, all at once!
  • Austin dislikes car rides, even though they always mean he’s going somewhere fun, including Doggy Daycare and Spa! His parents have to lift his front feet into the back seat, then his hind legs.
  • This spring Austin is looking forward to going swimming again! He’s already snuck into the river a few times this year. Austin will spend many days at the park where he can go swimming.
  • He is also looking forward to spending lots of time vacationing at Houghton Lake!