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  • Annie Bankston is a three year old corgi who was added to her family from Capac, Michigan. Her family has always loved corgis and they couldn’t wait for her to join their family once they met her. She has been with her family since January 2016.
  • When Annie was a puppy, she would hide under anything she could fit under. As she started to grow, she got herself stuck under a hutch. She hadn’t realized she wasn’t as small as when she first came home. Silly Annie! To this day, Annie will not go under anything that she just can’t walk under.
  • Annie doesn’t have any furry siblings, but she did have a neighborhood “boyfriend” named Bo. He is a German Shepard/Great Dane mix. Sadly, Bo has moved away. Bo and Annie had met while she was out walking, in which they loved to run together and play with sticks.
  • Her parents decided to enroll her at Doggy Day Care to make sure Annie wasn’t cooped up all day while her parents had to travel for work. Annie became a weekly regular at the Okemos location in February 2017.
  • Some of Annie’s favorite past times are playing with anything or anyone, chewing, barking and judging while surveilling her “queendom”.
  • Annie’s favorite toy is named “Roxie”. It is a stuff-less toy tied to a horse buggy whip. It looks like a 10 foot long cat toy. She likes to run around trying to catch and rip at the toy at the end of the whip.
  • Annie knows a few commands, she knows how to sit, lay down, touch you hand with her nose, spin and go to bed!
  • She has done quite a bit of traveling around Michigan. Annie has traveled to most of the campgrounds throughout the state.
  • This winter season Annie is looking forward to playing in the snow. Annie loves the snow and will go running through it whenever it comes down. The flip side of that is that she hates water and being wet. She tends to refuse to go out when it is raining and gives you a look like you are out of your mind.