Meet Annie and Emma McKane!

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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Emma was in the ICU as a puppy, at a clinic where her mom worked at. She was very sick and needed a home, she was adopted then and there. Emma is a 17-year-old beagle/lab mix and is still a puppy at heart! Annie is a lab/basset hound mix and was rescued from a puppy rescue 4 years later, she is now 13 years young!
  • Emma and Annie started coming to Doggy Daycare and Spa when their mom started having work trips and didn’t want to leave them alone all day long. Even though Emma can’t play with all her pals anymore the girls still enjoy attending for their monthly spa and daycare day as well as occasional boarding.
  • The girls enjoy trips to their family cottage on the lake. Emma loves to wade in the water while Annie enjoys running up and down the shore line digging and finding things to eat (things that she’s not always supposed to). They love soaking up the sun and enjoy watching all the activities on the lake!
  • Emma used to love playing frisbee in her younger years! Annie enjoys her stuffed animals and loves taking them all out of the basket. She always tries to tear out all the stuffing!
  • Annie and Emma are best friends, they hang out all the time at home together and often sleep together. They share their house with three cat siblings, two sisters who rule the house and a brother who is quite shy.
  • Every day is a blessing for these beautiful girls! They love each other, coming for their spa days, and look forward many days at the lake!