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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Alice is a French bulldog pug mix who has been a hip hound since November 2016! After hours of deliberation it was concluded that Alice’s full name would be “Alice the Wonder Frug”
  • A year after a tough loss of their chocolate lab, Angel, they decided it was time to add a new family member. Alice arrived in March 2016! Their lives haven’t been the same since! 😊
  • Alice had her pick of daycare facilities in the area, but loved Doggy Daycare so much it was the only place for her!
  • Alice loves to attack the garden hose at home, loves long car rides, and is the best cuddler in town! She has never turned down a belly rub either!
  • Alice also has been nicknamed, Michael Jordan, because she loves to jump! She has crazy hang time! Alice loves to chew on her bone and play with her red ball!
  • Alice also has a cousin, Suzy, who visit from out of town periodically. Alice and Suzy have a great time playing, however the neighborhood squirrels are less than enthused. 😊
  • Alice has vacationed in Three Oaks, MI! That is where she learned to swim without sinking!
  • Her family CANNOT say Doggy Daycare in front of Alice until it is time to go or she will go ballistic until they leave! They even have to sneak her crate out to the car so she won’t see it. They have come up with the code “DDC” but she is catching onto that as well!
  • Alice is look forward to Fall so she can run through all the piles of leaves and chase them as they fall from the trees! She is quite the frolicker!