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  • Maggie May LaFrance is a 3-year-old yellow Lab who wishes every day was daycare day! She is named after the Rod Stewart song.
  • Maggie May became a member of the LaFrance about 3 years ago. They found her from a breeder in Ithaca, MI.
  • The LaFrance family decided to enroll Maggie May into daycare because it is right down the road from where they live so it was very convenient for them!
  • Maggie May loves hiking in different local areas including Woldemar Nature Center and Sleepy Hollow. She also enjoys swimming in Lake Huron and chasing after soccer balls.
  • A big red rubber soccer ball is Maggie May’s favorite toy! She will bat it with her paws, picks it up in her mouth and runs around the yard with it. She thinks she is Cristiano Ronaldo!
  • Maggie May is a very obedient pup when she wants to be and can sit, lay down, roll over and high five!
  • Maggie May has one cousin pup named Maui who is a black Lab that is about three months older than she is. They love getting together and running around.
  • When Maggie May was a puppy, she would run up and down the beach barking at the waves from the lake trying not to get hit by them. Now days she dives right in!
  • Maggie May loves to snuggle as close as possible to people even to the point of being smushed. She will wiggle her way into the tightest of spots like a cat if it means she gets to cuddle you.
  • During the summer months Maggie May loves nothing more than just playing in the water – a true Lab! Her family has a cottage up on Lake Huron so she always looks forward to those trips!