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  • Loki Jetton is an Alaskan malamute, who is approximately 5 years old. Loki was adopted from the Lansing Humane Society in 2013. When his soon-to-be “parents” saw him, they knew he would be the perfect addition to their family.
  • It is unknown why Loki has his name, as he was already 2 years old when his parents adopted him. In Norse mythology, Loki is a trickster god, however this Loki doesn’t do any tricks!
  • At home, Loki’s favorite thing to do is to sleep on the couch all day! This is where Doggy Daycare comes into play. His parents thought it would be great for Loki to socialize, make new friends, and do something other than sleep all day on the couch.
  • Loki became a weekly regular at the Okemos location in April 2016. Since Loki has starting coming to daycare, he has lost 5 pounds!
  • Whenever Loki comes for daycare, he has to let all the team members know what happened since the last time he was there! He will howl at the team member until he is all done with his story, then it’s on to the next team member!
  • Many of Loki’s favorite past times include sleep, eating his favorite treats, and of course playing with toys! But he is the most content when he can sleep on his back and lay in the sun!
  • Loki loves to destroy all of his plastic toys. However, while walking through the pet store one day he instantly fell in love with a stuffed animal cow. Loki couldn’t leave the store without it, it was love at first sight!
  • Loki loves car rides, because this means he’s usually going somewhere he can have some fun! This includes going to the park to go swimming in the summer or to run through the snow in the winter. But his favorite is when he gets to go to Doggy Daycare.
  • This fall Loki is looking forward to coming to Doggy Daycare more often and meeting even more new friends that he could play with!